Understand Shopper In-Store Behavior with Customer Count

Understand Shopper In-Store Behavior with Customer Count

Product Feature: Customer Count from i3 International 

Combine these metrics to empower decision-making and maximize corporate efforts.


  • Automatic calculation of conversion rates by chain, store, and region for any time period
  • Measurement of conversion rates by day of week, hour of day, or month of year
  • Access to video for any time period, enabling auditing of results, and specified viewing of stores
  • Instant alerts based on predefined criteria
  • Automatic, customized reports sent to email
  • Instant access to metrics for any set of stores or all for a period of time
  • Mobile access to store metrics and video through iOS and Android devices
  • Web-based console with authorized access available from anywhere



  • Store benchmarking
  • Measuring marketing and promotions
  • Staffing
  • Loss prevention


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