Ensure Safety with Incident Reports

Ensure Safety with Incident Reports

Product Feature: Incident Reports from i3 International 

Ensuring safety is vital to the health of any organization.


  • Report safety incidents, accidents and injuries through a centralized online portal accessible to authorized employees and locations
  • Create custom incident forms
  • Report incident frequency and severity rates
  • Easily export to Excel or PDF
  • Mange the entire safety incident life cycle
  • Trigger automatic follow-up emails to employees responsible for corrective actions, ensuring prompt resolution



  • Visibility into safety performance enables identification and analysis of trends to implement correction actions
  • The web-based i3 platform enables employees across departments, divisions, and locations to easily access a standard online reporting form, providing consistent, accurate data
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and generating safety related reports
  • User-friendly web-based functionality allows employees to begin using the software with little training


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