Teaming Up with i3 International

Teaming Up with i3 International

A cutting edge video surveillance system proves beneficial for Bobby and Steve’s latest multi-million dollar auto world expansion.

The Mission

When it came time for Bobby and Steve’s Auto World with 8 locations in Minnesota to update their Eden Prairie location, they didn’t want to be just another gas and service station but rather an exciting new car service experience. This new flagship store would be unlike anything the people of Minnesota have seen before. The new multi-million dollar 2 story complex would offer 16 gas pumps, a convenience store, a large service department, car wash and even a grille restaurant. With all this new square footage to monitor, owners Bobby Williams and Steve Andersen needed to find a well experienced surveillance equipment provider who not only shared their “out-of-the-box-thinking” business philosophy but also their special attention to customer service. Naturally, like most service stations, the gas pumps and POS locations were their top priority when it came to installing security camera equipment. Unfortunately the conventional PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras that they’ve used in the past proved to be quite problematic due to Minnesota’s extreme weather conditions in addition to the fact that they could only cover about 20% of an area at any given time. Therefore, those legacy cameras provided only a 1 in 5 chance of actually catching and recording an incident such as “drive-offs”, a term used for a common crime in the gas station industry when someone drives off without paying.

The Solution

Digital Surveillance Concepts and i³ International had the full package that Bobby and Steve’s were looking for including the perfect solution for their new build. The installation of i³ International’s IP mega-pixel cameras was going to provide them with a two-fold benefit over the existing PTZ cameras. “The first benefit was – no moving parts, which meant no adverse effects on the cameras due to extreme weather conditions and secondly with our new IP camera technology we were able to achieve 100% video coverage, 100% of the time”, said Paul Kerling, National Sales Manager for i³ International. As for the challenging task of outfitting the entire complex with their new i³ video surveillance system equipped with 32 cameras, a Hybrid Server and POS Integration Software, owner Steve Andersen had this to say, “They’re the best we’ve seen so far”.

The Result

Although “drive-offs” are still a common occurrence at their gas pumps, the installation of the i³’s IP mega-pixel cameras has allowed them to capture and record all incidents of these crimes and provide law enforcement with high quality footage of perpetrators and their license plates. “None have gotten away yet”, says Andersen. Plus, the i³ Remote Viewing Software, which allows only select personnel the ability to view footage from any camera at their location from any Internet connection in the world, has also proved to be quite beneficial. In one such incident, Mr. Andersen was able to witness an unprofessional situation involving the staff, while he was viewing a live security video stream of the Eden Prairie, Auto World remotely from another location and was able to perform an immediate “behavior modification” via telephone.